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Lightning FX - First Test and Design

This is the initial test of the lightning. The next step is to refine the timing of each lightning movement.

Lightning FX - References

I took reference from tesla coil for the lightning movement and shape. The Lamborghini commercial for the design of where the lightning will be emitting from. Stretch goal would have some lightning circling around some part of the car, but that will be a low priority at the moment.

Flag FX - Refining

When it comes to importing flag simulation in the scene, there might be some adjustment in terms of speed by using retime node. That way, the flag can easiliy manipulate if the car animation has slight changes.

The first version dies down slower than the second version. Depending on the final car movement, the timing might be slightly changed.

Animation Reference - Drifting

These are the reference of the drifting car. This car animation is in the shot that the flag will be featuring in.

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