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Flag FX - vellum first test

After pitching our idea to The Mill mentors, my team started to work on our task while reaching out for rigger and composer for our project. 

I started with a flag fx and ,if time allows, dust from the car as well.

I gather some reference of small size flag waving and a fabric's reaction to car drifting.

For two flag, one will started to react to the wind earlier than another. This is the first test of the timing.

From a reference, the flag is quite stiff compare to the fabric flag that tends to be in a bigger size. I am testing both visual and will bring it up to the team to discuss the visual aspect of the prop.

The left flag :

bend stiffness setting is 1e+10 with a value of 1

The right flag :

bend stiffness setting is 0.01 with a value of 1

Developing a Pitch

Upon the first pitch with professors Fowler and Gaynor. My team has implement the feedback to simplify some element in the story. My team conclude that we will go ahead with the lightning as a main drive of the story. The first part of the story stays the same but we narrow down the environment from the living room to a shelf. 

Upon picking out the tag line, we came across "The Future of the Automobile". That sparks the idea between history of Benz's first generation of automobile, contrasting with its electric car. The end of the story will have a miniature car stop next to the Benz patent motor car photo.

Once we refine the ending of the story, we created a layout of a CG shelf and then draw a storyboard. 


After sketching out a storyboard, my team use a physical toy car as a previs. 

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