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Initial Pitch to Professors

Product : High-end electric car

Story : A lightning storm brings a car model to life. Turning on and starts to drive off its display case to a picture frame of a landscape across the room. Then transition to the real world with the car driving to the end of the road.

Theme : Mixed scale

For FX, the car will have lightning waves and sparks throughout whenever it is turned on. Throwing itself off the display case would also need a glass breaking effects.

Lamborghini Revuelto ads is a perfect example of the effects and overall mood that we are aiming for.


My team and I also researched for some FX reference and moodboard


Day 1 - Intro to the Team

The first day of class is the introduction to my team mates that were assigned to me. 

Drew who is a compositor (nuke), Thalia alongside me is an FX and Thomas is lighting and look development.


We are also introduced to the themes that we will be working on developing the projects for. 

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