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Week 10 !!!!

Week 9 Update

Week 9 Wednesday update is mostly fixing the transition and the pace at the last half of the sequence

Monday Update

Week 8 - Full Render & To-Do

Fixes after class 15 feedback:

- Render the rest of the shots (Thank you Davis for suggesting Redshift proxy method)

- Fix the flower flickering model

- Make the glowing line in Rose shot closer to the first shot

Going forward, here is the list of what I want to focus on:

- Transition between shots 

- Experiment with different tones with 'ashes and dust' shots

- Adding old effects texture on the photograph shot

CLASS 15 Version

Week 7 - Shot 1 render + comp in-progress

Week 7 Update - Base Color + Lighting Setup WIP


Rose is still very in-progress

I am still trying different transition to lighting background  (probably the two dust shot will have light grey background)


Week 6 Update - Cabinet UV Setup / Randomize Base Color
+ Material Transform on Flower

Week 6 Update -New erosion update + additional lighting and material setup


Prepping photos for texture


Week 5 Update - Midterm Delivery with flower model update


Week 5 Update with some lighting development


Week 4 Updates - Erode Tests

Week 4 Updates

Nature of Time 
Shot 02 update - Refining Pocket Watch and Cabinets model

Over the weekend, I have refining shot 2 model by adding details on pocket watch and also generate point in the middle of each cabinet using VEX, then generate the handle on that point.

Before week 5, I will be focusing on shot 03, mountain eroding and then cache out all particle, getting it ready to lookdev after midterm.

Space Messenger

I am also in Space Messenger as a 3D artist, integrating the portal in several shots.

Ya Veras

Lastly, I am also helping Andrea with a shot needing particle flow from a rock.  I started the first version of the particle and still waiting for the footage of live action / comp from Andrea. I am planning to add more curve paths and more particle spread around the path.


Class 6 - Shot 03 update - Breaking the pawn

Class 5 - 3D Layout

Week 2 - WIP Layout #2

For the last two days, I've been working on heightfield in Houdini, creating a mountain range. I sourced different models of the chess pieces. I also think that the camera movement and transition is better from the last edit. Next week I will still be working on the layout, animation and FX of all the shots.

Week 2 - WIP Layout #1


Over the weekend, I have started a scene layout, and adjust the pacing of the audio for a better timing for each shot. I have worked on flower blooming, recursive subdivision model which makes a moving cabinet in an infinite space and the particles for the glowing beam and constellation. These are flipbooks with less amount of particle that I will actually be rendering. It will look something similar to this.

I will continue to work on the layout and also the model for week 2 and 3. Week 4, I wanted to focus on texture then lighting after that. 


Studio II Pitch - Story Visualization for TV/Book Excerpt

For Studio II, I debated between doing a title sequence or a visualization of a quote / narration. I have always been fascinated by the concept of time. The last pitch of my Dreamland was associated with Time and Space as well. I stumbled upon Outlander's narration about time and the main character Claire Fraser's perspective interests me. The character has questioned 'Time' in parallel with faith. I have a breakdown of the interpretation and how I chose the element of the narrative. Even though it is not a title sequence but the visual is all inspired by title sequences.


My aim is that if the audio of the narrative is removed, or if the still shots are shown, the visual could be seen as something similar to the title sequence. 

“Time is a lot of the things people say that God is. There's always preexisting, and having no end. There's the notion of being all because nothing can stand against time. Not mountains, not armies.


Give anything enough time, and everything is taken care of: all pain encompassed, all hardship erased, all loss subsumed. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Remember, man, that thou art dust; and unto dust thou shalt return.

And if time is anything akin to God, I suppose that memory must be the devil.”

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