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Blog #16 Books Turntable

Blog #15 Updated lighting for sending to comp

Blog #14 Class 15 Delivery

Blog #13 Shot 03 Lighting

Blog #13 Shot 04 Lighting

Blog #12 Texture Update

Blog #11 Texture and Next Steps

First look at the texture without any lighting. This week I will continue to exporting texture map + refining details with Redshift Houdini in all the shots. I also adjust the size of the book of shot 4.

By first class of next week (week 7), I am aiming to have a first version of lighting so that I will leave a few weeks for further adjustment.

Blog #9 Updated Cut

Blog #8 Updated Cut

Blog #7 Footages! + Updated Rough Cut


Blog #6 Texture Progress - Paper Pile


Blog #4 Class 5 Delivery

Now that textures and FX are ready for texture map to, I will proceed to create texture in Substance Painter combine with procedural technique in Houdini for week 3.

Blog #3 Morphing

From this tutorial : , I have downloaded a sphere map from GitHub and use it for my models. Using similar method, I simplified his method for render time purposes and still have the results that I am looking for. This render is to test geo morph and how the three different textures would look like when rendered. 

Next step would be creating textures for the assets.

Blog #2 Progress

Reference and To-Do List while waiting for live action footage

After talking with my classmates and asking for some idea, I was struggling to find a good transition to CG book magical appearances. I got the first feedback to do a morphing effects instead of doing a fantasy portal. Professor Pasquale also suggest that I connect the first paper FX to the second one.

For the morphing approach, I will start with the book disintegrate into papers and reverse the FX in comp later. The look of both will be considered, as it has to matched with each other.

To-Do for class 3

- Paper fall down FX
- Book morph test
: test animation and texture transfer
- Texture the book : Find real life reference


Blog #1

Winter Schedule

The first half of the quarter will include filming, lookdev the assets and refining FXs. After midterm, will focuses on lighting, CG integration and composite. I will also be shooting footages for STUDIO II projects as well.

Screenshot from 2024-01-08 09-13-51.png

Prepping CG Assets - Retopo and UV mapping

While waiting for filming permit from Poetter Hall, I decided to go ahead and work on CG assets that I will be needed for the Library. The books are for the last shot when the portal opens up to fill the table top with books. The next step will be texturing the books. 




The Library (STUDIO I)

Dreamland (STUDIO II)

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