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Entry #1

X-Files Theme Song: The 90s Fan’s Favorite to 2010s Internet Meme Songs

Over the summer, I came across the 90s popular science TV show, X-Files. The premise sounds interesting enough for me to start its first episode from 1993. As the title sequence came onto the screen, the familiar tune is playing from the screen with the title sequence.

The echo effects and the whistling tune definitely associated itself as a meme song on the internet. Whenever a tiktoker or vine user (aka 2010s folks) post a short video that might associated with supernatural or unexplain phenomena, X-Files theme song is the most iconic option to gives the audience ‘a creep’ or recognize the unusualness of the situation.


The theme song itself is created by a fluke of Mark Snow, the composer, leaning on his electric keyboard in frustration.


I grew up knowing the song as meme song or funny conspiracy song, but once I started to dive into the 90s X-Files, I grew to be attached to the show itself. The unique plot and characterization of the show (considering the show started in the early 90s) impressed my Gen Z self. So whenever I scroll down Tik Tok or Instagram short and heard the music, I couldn’t help but think of how people from the 90s must have had a nostalgic moment when their children giggling from the meme song.

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