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Entry #2

Reimagining : From The X-Files Theme Song to the VFX Showcase


Per discussion with Professor Pasquale, apart from reimagining the title sequence to be more modern and fit the 2010s - 2020s era, the title sequence is to be used as the actual title sequence for the senior showcase at SCAD Arnold Hall. The goal for the next class is to have the layout of each cuts / shot ready. 


Next week I will be gathering the information from my classmates (their names and images, maybe learn more about their personality) and lay out their names in the sequence. As the song is associated with conspiracy, I want to include some of the famous conspiracy of the 2000s to include in there.


Here is some list of the potential photography that will be in the sequence.

  • Moon Landing is fake


  • Gun Control (Bullet?)

  • Flat Earth

  • The bird is fake

  • UFO

Additional symbol associate with VFX could be :

  • Computer

  • Camera

  • Fire/Particle

  • Green Color

  • Small Sequences from iconic VFX film


Those in the list will be the filler shots that will accompany the other screenshot of my classmate's project.

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