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Pitch #3 - My Oasis 

I, along with Andrea Rosado and Mateo Solorzano, grouped together to do a visualization of Sam Smith's 'My Oasis'. The song doesn't have a music video, so our project is our take on the song.

VSFX 406 - Group Pitch.png

For this project I will be an FX artist. Andrea is a lighting / lookdev and Mateo will be a compositor. We have our references from our part of the project. I will be responsible to shots that includes abstract symbolism of the oasis. First shot includes sand falling down to a platform in a dark room and another shot is a CG integration with a box that contain waters floating on the beach.

VSFX 406 - Group pk.png
VSFX 406 - Group as.png
VSFX 406 - Group ms.png
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